The best association can be found in the pacific ring of fire. It is a ring of volcanoes surrounding the largest tectonic plate (which is basically the size of the pacific ocean). The volcanoes indicate that magma has an easier time reaching the surface because there is a boundary between two plates where it can fit through. Many plate boundaries also coincide with earthquakes because they move against, under, or over each other. When two plates collide and one does not completely give way and go under the other the crust is pushed up forming mountain ranges. This is why surrounding the pacific plate there are many volcanoes, earthquakes, and mountain ranges. An interesting side note is the Hawaiian Islands are an excellent indication of the movement of the pacific plate. There is a hot spot that doesn't move where the biggest island currently is. As the plate moves over the hot spot it forms islands with volcanic activity. As the old islands move away from the hot spot they are eroded by the ocean waves and wind. The islands actually continue much further under the water than you can see above the water.