Ito po yung SAGOT:

May kasabihan tayong 

"Ang anak na di paluhain, magulang ang patatangisin". 

Sa maraming pagkakataon sa buhay ng tao, napatunayan natin ang katotohanan sa kasabihang ito. Maraming anak ang labis na binigyan ng layaw ng magulang at hindi nabigyan ng wastong pagdisiplina nang sila'y mga bata pa. Katulad ng damong hinayaang lumago, ang mga batang ito'y lumaki na suwail kaya't pawang dusa, luha, at pasakit ang isinukli nila sa mga magulang. Sila ay naging bunga ng maling pagmamahal -- pagmamahal na mapagpalayaw, maluwag, at walang itinurong disiplina. Kaya't lumuha man ang mga magulang ay huli na.

- Pluma

I just came across with this on my student's Filipino book. It was our lesson last night. I was amazed because my Korean student is just a thirteen-year-old boy but he already knew the importance of punishment in disciplining children.  When I asked him if he had already experienced a full blast beating from his parents, he said yes and he smiled. I also told him that my parents spanked me, too. Haha! I still remember how painful it had been. Whew!
Are you, by any chance, familiar with the buckle of a belt? My dad used that for me. My mom used to hit me with a plastic hanger or anything. They inflicted pain on my body that made it necessary for me to cry out loud. After that, they would say they love me. They would try to explain why they did that. I believed them. However during that time, my head was filled with resentment and fear of doing something that would actually make them angry. As time went by, I gradually understood the essence of giving punishments. (Come on! I’m already 23. ) You should know that by now. I believe that values should be taught to children as early as the age of one. (Well, if that’s possible, why not?)If I will be given a chance to have children, (actually I do not want to entertain this thought - I'm too young -- but it’s better to be futuristic and be ready), I’ll be a little strict with them and I’ll be only lenient under special circumstances but never will I spoil them. I won’t hesitate to beat them.  I am planning to have them home-schooled until they reach seven years old. I will be the one to prepare their curriculum. Hahaha! It is really appealing! Values will be the main the subject, of course. I prefer them to have an intensive study about values and their applications in real-life settings. Academics are just side-dishes and the main course is all about values. Academics will follow shortly.In my opinion, children are less likely to get beaten if they are introduced to values education at an early age. They should thoroughly know the proprieties and standards first. Good deeds must be practiced regularly and diligently in order to create good habits. Continuous guidance is a must. A home is perfect place to do such things. If ever they did something wrong, you need to reprimand them orally and remind them what is the rule governing such actions, their appropriateness in a given instance, and the alternative actions when facing a dilemma before beating them . A single oral reprimand is enough, spanking them should follow right after that. Beat them immediately provided that you have given them oral reprimands. If the children begged for your mercy, let them understand that you still need to spank them but tell them that they are already forgiven and you love them. Let them cry and be consistent. Put your feelings aside for a moment no matter how much you love them. It is for your welfare and for your beloved children.Going back to making their curriculum…. Hahaha! I can’t get that off my mind. I think the whole business of creating and maintaining my children’s curriculum until they reach seven years old is a very sound and clever idea! I will surely love it. I think I will enjoy every minute of it. I know I’ll never get bored of it. This is so cool!!!!! I am really looking forward to experience such happiness and excitement.What might be the other subjects that I need to include? Map-reading, watercolor painting? Oh... I need time to think about them. :'')Speaking of children, I adopted five cute kittens last Saturday. Sleepless nights have begun. I have to feed them regularly. I went to Pet Express yesterday and I bought feeding bottles and milk. They don't have a Mama Cat... I miss them very much! I wanna go home!!!