Physical health will always be one of the greatest obstacles that I have to face everyday but at the same time, is the one thing that I think I should be paying more attention to because my life is on the line. Life has a lot of food choices to offer and that's one thing that I just can't easily deny, and those food choices are unfortunately unhealthy yet extremely alluring. What can even make one's health worse is the act of disregarding exercise. Pondering over these things made me see the danger that I'll be facing with as I and if I would continue with this unhealthy lifestyle. Physical health should always be on our priority list because it is the source of how we feel and how we respond to everyday life. That's why we should make sure that every decision we make is for the greater good because decisions made from gut-feelings and wants, neglecting the consequences in the near future, will only give you a short-lived happiness. The key to a happy life is a healthy life.