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At first, the teacher told them that a centuries ago they were walking like a wild animals and their hands didnt exposed in the sun. The second one Father Christiano told them that their hands folded together and praying in secret. Doña Dores said that God made their hands lighter so that they would not dirty the foods for their master. Señor Antunes said that when they are going to be bake they were in a hurry and hung them in the chimney were smoke comes out and their hands are stick together that time. Señior Frias told them that when they are going to take a bathe in a lake in heaven the black wakes up so early and the water in the lake is cold and they just decided to wet their psalms and their feet. In the book their lives spent bent over, gathering white cotton of virginia. Doña Estefania said that it became bleach because of their washing. And lastly, Mother said that "God made Blacks because they have to be."