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Vertex form:
y = a (x-h)² + k


h =  \frac{-b}{2a}

k =  \frac{4ac - b^{2} }{4ac}
why did u delete my answer,I just wrote the formula
You only indicated how to get h and k, but not the the formula of the vertex. What if those h and k are interchanged in the vertex form such as y = a (x-k)^2 + h, then the maximum and minimum are also interchanged, right? Then it's not a parabola.
Also I gave you the opportunity to correct your answer. but the time for you to correct it has expired, I believe. You are good, but inquiries especially in Math subjects must be analyzed, otherwise we'll be giving answers that are not required of the problem. We all learn here, please take this as something to improve your math skills. Thanks.