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If you push a box on one side, and the box will not move if you don't exert a force on it. on the other words the box is no longer balanced.

on the other hand, balanced force is force wher the body's state is not in motion.
unbalanced force or net force cause a body to change in motion.

* Balanced force situation

if you and your friend push a crate at the opposite side with 10 units each. is it unbalanced or balanced?

(10 units )-->(balanced)<--(10 units)

N= Fn + Fg
= (10 units) + (-10 units )
= 0 units

since the forces acting in opposite direction then the forces equate to zero. this considered as Balanced force is acting on the object because of the same amount of force applied.

* Unbalanced force situation

if you and your friend push a box at the same time with each of you exert a 10 units force. Balanced or unbalanced?

-----> 10 units from you
-----> 10 units from your friend

= -----> 20 units

N= Fn + Fg
= 10 units + 10 units
= 20 units

hence the sum of the force is not zero. so this situation considered as Unbalanced force because it would cause a change in the body's state of motion.