Walo is a monster who has 8 eyes and 8 hairy heads and it keeps the souls from underworld so it can't escape from him.
@nhicoleChlera14 Walo has a thousands of eyes and 8 hairy heads and nit 8 eyes
oh okay I'm sorry @Naname64 TT__TT
Its okay
The soul of every person is found in tightly
covered jars kept in one section of heaven. This
particular section of heaven is closely guarded by a
monster with a thousand eyes, named Walo. Walo, in
addition to his thousand eyes, has also eight hairy
heads. The epic Darangan speaks of Madale,
Bantuganā€˜s brother and, Mabaning, Husband of
Lawanen, entering this section and retrieving the soul
of Bantugan.


Walo is the Monster who has 8 hairy heads with thousands of eyes
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