Hmfp, madamii po cla kung sasabihin pa po lahat , pero ang isa sa kilala nating scientist ay cii THOMAS ALVA EDISON , and napakaimportante po ng mga scientist kcii po cla po ang mga nakakimbento ng mga bagay bagay , katulad nalang ng ilaw na imbento nia,
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One of them is ARISTOTLE, is the Great philosopher who had a vast knowledge in different disciplines. Studying different subject he contributed a lot in each of those subjects. He contributed in physics, poetry, zoology, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, and biology. This laurel Greek philosopher was born in Stagira in 384 BC. His father Nicomachus was a physician to the king Amyntas III of Macedon’s court and it is believed that their ancestors also held this position. Earlier in his life he was taught by his father at home and the medical knowledge he got from his father led him to investigate natural phenomenon later on. At the age of 18 he admitted in to the young Greek aristocracy run by Plato, another Great Greek philosopher, and Aristotle became the most favorite student of Plato.
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