Actually, no place on Earth is earthquake free. In fact, chances are an earthquake has just happened in the 10 or so seconds you have been reading this.

I can hear you probably saying, "Alright, prove it!" Well, I can.

Earthquakes suffer from a logarithmic function - "the higher the number on the Richter Scale, the less frequent, in factors of 10, it will be." Now, that in itself is satisfying - you may experience a decent 3-5 on the Richter Scale about 4 times a year. Big shakes, like 7-9s, occur much less frequently. However, by the end of a 24-hour period, at least 8400 "micro-quakes" will have happened. That's right - about one every 10-15 seconds! But these micro-quakes, as frequent as they are, range from about .01 to .5 on the Richter Scale - in other words... Every day, there will be at least one shaker every 10-15 seconds - the thing is, we don't notice them.