Mrs. Garcia asked a carpenter to construct a rectangular bulletin board for her classroom she told the carpenter that the board must be 18 square feet * draw a diagram to illustrate the bulletin board *wha are the possible dimensions of the bulletin board? give atleast 2 pairs of ppssible dimensions . How did you determine the possible dimensions of the bulletin board? Supposed the length of the board is 7 ft. longer than it's witdh . What eauation would represent the given situation ? How would you describe the equation formulated? Do you think you can use the equation formulated to find the length and width of the bulletin board ? justify your answer.



Possible dimensions: 9ft and 2 ft. or 6ft and 3ft.
How: by finding to positive number which product is 18

Length= (w+7)
width= w

Equation formulated: Quadratic Equation

yes, by performing the 4 ways of solving quadratic equation.