Why are you making students lazy ?stop giving answers and let them read there books or think hard until they die!...

By the way, if you are not sure of spelling and grammar, you may write in Tagalog. Also, please read the term of use of this site, and you'll be enlightened. I answer mostly Math and English because I know that some textbooks, especially in public schools, are old editions and lack explanations and exercises for mastery of the lessons.
I am an advocate of Distance Learning, and I know that a substantial number of inquirers here are ALS/distance learners based on the questions they post (from the modules) and either they have old edition textbooks or they don't have textbooks.
The use of online inquiry and or research is also limited for these ALS students because the bandwidth is limited to GPRS (prepaid pa, they have to register to unlimited, all20, etc.), so they will be charged more for google search, etc.
Finally, either you help or not. Use your discretion to answer questions you think deserve to be answered correctly, and leave those you think are coming from "lazy" students. Just don't call them "tanga". This site has moderators (volunteers, not paid); we delete questions repeatedly posted and warn or ban users violating the term of use of this site.
Have a great and productive day. Words are inspiring and encouraging, but it can also break one's spirit. Use words wisely.


There is joy in illuminating a curious mind.
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