A small cup made of porcelain, heatproof glass or pottery with a screw-on top. To use a coddler, break an egg or two into the cup, screw on the top and submerge the cup in simmering water until the egg is cooked. Eat the eggs directly from the coddler. You can also coddle eggs in a small jelly-size canning jar.


An electric appliance which steam-cooks eggs in the shell. Most egg cookers also have inserts or cups for steam-poached eggs and some have a flat insert for cooking fried or scrambled eggs and omelets.


A shallow, slope-sided skillet, 6 to 8 inches in diameter. Crèpe pans range from inexpensive, lightweight pans to sophisticated electric models, some of which cook the crèpes on what appears to be the outside of the pan. You can make crèpes in almost any small shallow pan with sloping sides, such as a small omelet pan.


Small, deep, individual bowl-shaped dishes, with a capacity of 6 or 10 ounces, designed for oven use and perfect for baking individual custards or quiches.