If you are in Grade 10 please answer the following questions okay.
kung meron po kayong aklat sa Science paki-answer po yung page 11-13 please.


1. how are the earthquake distributed on the map?

2. where are they located?

3. where are there no earthquakes?

4. why is it important for us to identify areas which are prone to earthquakes?

5. how are the volcanoes distributed?

6. where are they located?

7. based on the map, mention a country that is likely to experience a volcanic eruption.

8. compare the location of majority of earthquake epicenters with the location of volcanoes around the world.

9. how will you relate the distribution of mountain ranges with the distribution of earthquake epicenters and volcano?

10. what do you think is the basis of scientists in dividing earth's lithosphere into several plates?

PS: kung grade 10 ka na kaya mong masagutan ito, nasa page 11-13 po ng aklat (kung may aklat ka?) yung map para po masagutan niyo. okay. sana po matulungan niyo ako please....

kung hindi naman po kayo grade 10 pwede niyo pong sagutan yung alam niyo dyan hahahahaha.



4. it is important to identify areas which are prone to eatthquake so that you are warn and to have ready what to bring and when you are going to evacuate
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Most of them are found along the edges of some continents ,particular in western coast of North And South America east and south east Asia.
That answer is in no. 6