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Rising Intonation 1.Where is my phone? 2. What is your name? 3. Where do you live? 5. When is the movie? 5. Why are you crying? 6. May I help you? 7. What is your teacher's name 8. Do you know me? 9. Where is my key? 10. Who's that girl? Falling Intonation. 1. Do you love me? 2. Loving can hurt sometimes. 3. Leave me alone. 4. Wht is your favorite subject? 5. Where are you going? 6. Someone hurts you? 7. Dont be alone 8. Do you want to kiss me? 9. Do you love Jesus? 10. Do your homework quikly. Im ready to answers question
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What grade are you??
I'm in grade six section 1
Same pla tau
ahhh k