The number of elements of a FINITE SET is a natural number (a non-negative integer) is called a cardinality of the  set.And the INFINITE SET is a set of all positive itegers.
A set of all integers is an infinite set. Therefore, the last statement in the above immediate answer is not correct.
saw what is the correct answer??
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A set is finite if the element or elements is void (null or empty set) or can be listed and counted and the process of counting stops at a certain cardinal number

1) The tertiary colors (can be listed)
2) The Philippine population as of 2013

A set is infinite when the elements can not be listed, and the process of counting can not be terminated, that is, they are unlimited or uncountable.

1)  Set of integers
2)  The stars
3)  Set of positive integers which are multiple of 5.