I think

Daedalus was imprisoned in the tower of Crete. To escape the tower, he created wings made of wax.
Daedalus and icarus (his son) were both imprisoned because daedalus made something for the king. The king became selfish that's why he sent daedalus to prison so that he wont't be able to blow his cover or tell anyone about it . In that crete (maze type) they spent days and days. And one day they both say birds flying and they said to themselves the only method of escaping this maze is by sky (flying). Since that day they started making wings. When they were just through with making it daedalus explained to icarus not to go too close to the sun and not to go too close to the water . But unfortunately the son had quite a hard head thats why he went too close to the sun and the wings that were tied to his back stated to melt... and eventually he fell down the water. THE END .