Even if I do identify and choose from the most common of the roles in life, I would not be able to save myself from the dilemma of typifying further as what type of, for instance, teacher, father, friend, guide, helper or companion I am. I can say that my role at present is to be as good a mentor as I could for some young people, but what does it mean when I say ‘as good as I could’? I can be a teacher but I will never be able to say boldly that I am the teacher without dues reference to my pupils, the environment and my past performance. I might understand, for the sack of my own convenience, that I am so and so but what I really am at any stage in my life would always be subjected to inquiry. And this just because you asked what is my role in life? If there is to be context as wide as life for my role then nothing short of know what I am myself would suffice as an answer. My role is that I am a human being, but what type of human being I am will never be finally decided.

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Role in life is our obligations, responsibilties, function or position, our part, or our purpose in life. 
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