Dahil ito ay naform na sa ibabaw ng lupa.
Starting from the core, a hot molten iron and nickel of course there are many other metals naman siguro like gold, copper etc. up to mantle na siguro ang distribution of that metals due to earthquake and the moving tectonic plates...
sure ka jan ?
sure because one of the main positive effects of earthquakes or advances (other than newfound petroleum productions) is that it pushes minerals and other metals to the surface of the earth.. also e-imagine mo starting nung pangea the supercontinent up to now, 21st century with 7 continents ilang earthquake na kaya.. that's why I'm pretty much sure of my hypothesis
hindi ba pwedeng tagalog ??? filipino subject po kasi :)
eksdii sabihin mo nalang sa guro mo walang internet samin ma'am kaya di ako nakapag assignment >.<
ay hahaha ...