Emmanuel wants to tile his rectangular floor. He has two kinds of tiles to choose from, one of which is larger than the other. Emmanuel hired your services to help him decide which tile to use.

a. What area will be covered by the 8” x 8” tile? 16” x 16” tile?
b. If the rectangular floor has dimensions of 74” x 128”, how many
small square tiles are needed to cover it?
c. How many big square tiles are needed to cover the rectangular floor?
d. If each small tile costs Php 15.00 and each big tile costs Php 60.00, which tile should Emmanuel use to economize in tiling his floor? Explain why.



A. (8x8)+(16x16)=n SQUARE UNITS
B. (74x128) divided by 64
C. (74x128) divided by (16x16)
D. ......
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