I am an African child 
Born with a skin the colour of chocolate 
Bright, brilliant and articulate 
Strong and bold; I'm gifted 
Talented enough to be the best 
I am an African child 

Often the target of pity 
My future is not confined to charity 
Give me the gift of a lifetime; 
Give me a dream, a door of opportunity; 
I will thrive 
I am an African child 

Do not hide my fault 
show me my wrong 
I am like any other; 
Teach me to dream 
And I will become 
I am an African child 

I am the son, daughter of the soil 
Rich in texture and content 
Full of potential for a better tomorrow 
Teach me discipline, teach me character, teach me hard work 
Teach me to think like the star within me 
I am an African child 

I can be extra-ordinary 
call me William Kamkwamba the Inventor; 
Give me a library with books 
Give me a scrap yard and discarded electronics 
Give me a broken bicycle; 
Plus the freedom to be me 
And I will build you a wind mill 
I am an African child 

We are the new generation 
Not afraid to be us 
Uniquely gifted, black and talented 
Shining like the stars we are 
We are the children of Africa 
Making the best of us 
Yes! I am an African child