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Ang AFP (armed forces of the Philippines) ay nabuo nung 1901 bilang "Philippine constabulary" na lumalaban sa mga Americano noong Philippine-American war. Noong pananakop ng hapon nedyo nagkagulo ito dahil may mga kumampi sa hapon at may mga kumampi naman sa mga Americano at guerilla. noong 1935 lamang ito pinangalan na afp.  (based my answer on my history books) hope it heps =D
How did you say that so? Do you think Wikipedia points out on goo sides only??
no, just like I said I base my answers in my history books =D
Ok. I can say you've much reliance on your books. :D
yeah ur right =D, but in desperate occasions I surf the internet but I never attempted 2 copy paste
i just get ideas