Through the project, i've definitely been able to grasp this chapter much better. I have to admit that I had struggled slightly to fully understand all the concepts in this chapter, mostly due to my own faults, but carrying out this project greatly aided me.
When we conducted the survey, we had to create questions relevant to our topic. This definitely helped me and has given me a better understanding of the correct applications of YED, PED and XED. Also, after the survey had been conducted, we then had to compile the data and make reasonable conclusions via the formulae. And through that, I finally understood and memorised all the formulae albeit quite vaguely. 
Besides the educational gain, I also gained a lot more through this project. For example, Miss Chian forbade us from using power point. We as students had previously never used anything else but power point for all our presentations and the restriction Miss Chian had made pushed us out of our comfort zone. This forced us to diversify and discover new means of presenting our project and thanks to the brilliance of Miss Chian, we discovered the amazing tool, Prezi. From now on im sure all of us will rarely if not never use power point again.