Just like how you did with the 2 sets
1 4 1
Yeah, what is it?
nope just nothing
wait how bout this a group of 50 students went on a tour to palawan out of 50 students 24 joined the trip to coron 18 went to tubbataha reef 20 visited el nido 12 made a trip to coron and tubbataha reef 15 saw tubbataha reef and el nido 11 made a trip to coron and el nido and 10 saw three tourist spot
Wait, I'll try solving this
hey solve it with venn diagram
Just like this. The congruent will be the center.
Please label it
umm like this? many of the students went to coron only?
i don't know. sorry. i think it's 21. but don't trust that answer. haha. i'm not sure
umm pls tell me it to me with venn diagram pls