Mang Marcelino owns purebred red cows. In his farm he noticed that after a typhoon several months ago, all of the fences that separate his cattle from his neighbor's cattle were destroyed. During ...Determine the possible traits of the calves if :
a red (RR) bull is mated with a red (RR) cow 1
a red(RR) bull is mated with a white (WW) cow 2
a roan(RW) is mated with a red(RR)cow 3

Q1: Do you think you will make Mang Marcelino happy about the result of
your investigation? _________________________________
Q2. How are you going to explain it to him? ________________________

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1.) yes because we would be able to determine the father of the calves. 2.)that if the father of the calves is red, they should be red. If the father is white,the calves should be roan, but if the father is roan the calves should be 50% red and 50% roan
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