Fililipino family is nuclear type of family, It extended to the grandparents to their relatives. Children stay with their parents until marriage in fact some parents live together with their children's family. Parents are usually strict with their children especially with female. that's may be one of the reason why most Filipino teenagers remain virgins in fact most made it til marriage. filipin\o family is very conservative compare to liberal american especially with it comes to sexuality (i mean sex stuffs, you know having sex in very early age, losing virginity, you can't hear blowjib is common here, if give blowjddob then you are a gay, no rainbow party, no sandwich sex) For example, in my experience, my mother caught me watching porno then she spanked me and grounded. that's the rule. perhaps, this is one of the reason why maturity of a fiilipino teen is late as compare to their american counterpart. 19 year old filipinos thinks like an 16 year old american., Filipino parents emphasize religion the family like going to church every sunday and values such as respect for elders. 

American family is the opposite of as what mention above 

To the question, which is better, i think a filipino family is not really perfect, for example parents tend to make their children more dependent on them. In my experience, my mother want me to take nursing coz she want me to take care her when she is already old. my father want me to become an accountant coz he want me to manage our business. i dismiss all these things and decided to take bs chem. but after bs chem i will take nusing and work in US. eventually, i will leave them 

American parents; don't spent much time with their children. and they make their children too independent without knowing what are their children doing, where they are.
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