These are the adjective of compliment.

appropriate, backhanded, bad, beautiful, best, better, big, biggest, common, courtly, delicate, deserved, doubtful, dubious, elaborate, elegant

empty, equivocal, extraordinary, extravagant, fine, finer, finest, first, flattering, full, fulsome, further, generous, genuine, good, graceful

gracious, gratifying, great, greater, greatest, handed, handsome, high, higher, highest, honest, huge, idle, ill, implied, indirect

intended, just, last, little, magnificent, marked, mean, mere, merited, neat, nice, nicest, only, particular, perfect, personal

polite, poor, possible, pretty, proper, rare, real, same, similar, simple, sincere, single, small, special, splendid, subtle

such, supreme, turned, ultimate, undeserved, unexpected, unmeaning, unusual, usual, wonderful

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