ang kahalagahan ng caspian sea ay dito kumukuha ng langis ang mga bansang nakapalibot dito
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The Caspian Sea (Russian: Каспийское море, Azerbaijani: Xəzər dənizi, Kazakh: Каспий теңізі, Persian: دریای خزر Daryā-i Xazar, دریای مازندران Daryā-i Māzandarān‎, Turkmen: Hazar deňizi, Georgian: კასპიის ზღვა) is the largest enclosed inland body of water onEarth by area, variously classed as the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea.[2][3] The sea has a surface area of 371,000 km2(143,200 sq mi) (not including Garabogazköl Aylagy) and a volume of 78,200 km3 (18,800 cu mi).[4] It is in an endorheic basin (it has no outflows) and is bounded to the northeast by Kazakhstan, to the northwest by Russia, to the west by Azerbaijan, to the south byIran, and to the southeast by Turkmenistan.The ancient inhabitants of its coast perceived the Caspian Sea as an ocean, probably because of its saltiness and seeming boundlessness. It has a salinity of approximately 1.2% (12ppt), about a third of the salinity of most seawater.

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