Balanced Force:
Two boys (at each side of the table) pushing.
Unbalanced Force:
Pulling a cart
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Balanced force - the same magnitude and applied force.

example: you and I pull a crate at the same time with opposite direction with each has a force of 5 units.

(5 units for you)<--(balance)-->(5 unit for me)

N= fn + fg
= 5 units + (-5units)
= 0 units

do you think the object will move? the object will not move because when the sum of forces equate to zero so they're considered balanced. there is a equal of magnitude and opposite direction and lie along w/ the same line of action.

some example:
the hanging pen
the book on the table
(unless someone exert force on it)

Unbalanced force - force that causes the object in motion.

ex: again, supposed you and I pulling a crate at the same time, with the same forces applied.

(5 units for you )
(5 units for me )

(10 units) ---> unbalanced

N= fn + fg
= 5 units + 5 units
= 10 units

the sum of forces not equate to zero so the situation considered unbalanced because it would cause a change in motion.

other ex:
moving cart
falling pen
moving a book
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