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Predicate Adjective

What Is a Predicate Adjective?

A predicate adjective is a subject complement, a word or group of words that follows a linking verb or verb phrase such as is, am, were, smell, feel,taste, look, sound, have been, and did seem. Predicate adjectives help describe the subject or subjects in a sentence by giving information about characteristics such as the subjects’ appearances and feelings.

Predicate Adjective Examples:

I have been sleepy lately.

(What have I been? I have been sleepy. Sleepy is the predicate adjective; it describes I.)

This soup tastes great!

(How does the soup taste? It tastes great. Great is the predicate adjective; it describes soup.)

The sky looks dark and stormy today.

(How does the sky look? It looks dark and stormy.Dark and stormy are the predicate adjectives; they describe sky.)

The kids felt excited about going to the amusement park.

(How did the kids feel? They felt excited. Excited is the predicate adjective; it describes kids.)

Erin seemed disappointed by the score she got on the test.

(How did Erin seem? She seemed disappointed.Disappointed is the predicate adjective; it describes Erin.)

The kitchen smells fantastic on Thanksgiving.

(How does the kitchen smell? It smells fantastic.Fantastic is the predicate adjective; it describeskitchen.)

Our campfire looked bright and dramaticagainst the black sky.

(How did the campfire look? It looked bright and dramatic. Bright and dramatic are the predicate adjectives; they describe campfire.)

Fatima was ecstatic about her art project.

(What was Fatima? She was ecstatic. Ecstatic is the predicate adjective; it describes Fatima.)

Matt’s chocolate cookies tasted sweetand rich.

(How did the cookies taste? They tasted sweet and rich. Sweet and rich are the predicate adjectives; they describe cookies.)

This song sounds really danceable!

(How does the song sound? It sounds danceable.Danceable is the predicate adjective; it describessong.)

Sam felt bad about his soccer team’s poor performance.

(How did Sam feel? He felt bad. Bad is the predicate adjective; it describes Sam.)

The plants on the porch look pretty.

(How do the plants look? They look pretty. Prettyis the predicate adjective; it describes plants.)

Why Are Predicate Adjectives Important?

Predicate adjectives provide important details about a subject or subjects, such as by describing how they look, feel, sound, smell, or taste.

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Predicate: the part of sentence that expresses what is said about the subject. adjective: a word that describes a noun or a pronoun.