Step 1 →Consider each inequality constraint as equation.

Step 2 →Take one variable (say x) in a given equation equal to zero and find the value of other variable (say y) by solving that equation to get one co-ordinate [say (0, y)] for that equation.

Step 3 →Take the second variable (say y) as zero in the said equation and find the value of first variable (say x) to get another co-ordinate [say (x, 0)] for that equation.

Step 4 →Plot both the co-ordinates so obtained [i.e., (0, y) and (x, 0)] on the graph and join them by a straight line

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1. get the variables of the equations of the given problem by getting its x and y( draw a table when getting the x and y)
2.draw a coordinate plane
3.plot the points ( your x and y)

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