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To be a good reporter, you must speak clearly so the listeners can properly hear what you are saying. Your voice must be modulated. And most importantly, ensure that the things you are reporting about are correct because you don't want anyone to get false information.
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thats what i want to know !!!! thanks man
No problem! And one more tip, always have back-up information. Be ready for questions that they might ask. But don't include that in the report, only mention it when it is asked. It adds a sense na you are really prepared and they might get impressed :)
ok :)
Good luck to you! :)
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Wag matakot :) Self confidence kumbaga. Wag dapat kabahan dahil para sa ibang tao wala lang. Kaya dapat hindi ka kabahan para maayos mo ang report. Second, Wag tumawa. Oo mahalaga talaga yan. Focus lang dapat sa irereport. Third, Mag report na kagaya ng nagdidiscuss ang teacher niyo :) Ask your classmate also before you say the answers or meanings. Hope it helps :D
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palatawa kasi ako ;)
Hahaha okay lang yan. Para naman di masyadong serious yung mood. Maboboring din kasi yung iba basta walang chill. Basta kung matatawa ka still focus okay? :)
ok .. thanks a lot man!
My pleasure :) Goodluck~! Hwaiting~!