Making Observation => Formulate a Question/Problem => Formulate the Hypothesis => Develop Testable Predictions => Gather Data to Test Predictions => Develop General theories => Make Observation

Refine, Alter, Expand or Reject Hypothesis are under experimenting or Gathering Data and Develop Testable Predictions

Its Cyclical, starts with a problem but ends with another  problem but not means the previous problem is not solved.
I know that 1st is observing 2nd is classifying 3rd inferring 4th is measuring 5th is experimenting 6th is hypothesizinh 7h is predicting 8th is generalizing 9th is comparing 10th is controlling variables That's all i know that i 10 i hope i can help you
just askin.. How you could have a guide for experimenting if you do experimenting first before hypothesis??
Huh that's what i know im not meaning