Healthy food like vegetables, fruits and lean meats can become an unhealthy choice depending on how you cook the food. Frying in oil allows the food to soak up the oil during the cooking process, adding calories and fat. A baked potato has 161 calories and less than 1 g of fat, while one medium serving of restaurant French fries may contain 453 calories and 23 g of fat. Drenching vegetables in butter or adding butter to baked or grilled meats adds unnecessary calories and saturated fat. A diet high in trans fat, saturated fats and sodium can increase your stroke risk, contribute to coronary heart disease and increase your blood pressure. Although boiling vegetables in water does not add fats, it causes some of the healthy nutrients to leach into the water. When you drain the vegetables before eating them, you lose some of the nutrients.
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every time you cook,you have a choice of preparation
Deep fry and charcoal barbeque.
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