1. who hires daedalus ?
2. what does daedalus design to hold the Minotaur?
3. What does Daedalus invent to help him and Icarus escape from the Labyrinth?
4. What does he warn Icarus not to do?
5. What happens to Icarus?


1. Why did Minos imprison Daedalus in the Labyrinth?
2. Why did Minos think that, if Daedalus can’t find his way out, “so much the better”?
3. Minos tells Icarus that the plan is dangerous. Why does he want them to take this risk?
4. Why did Daedalus leave his wings on the altar of Apollo? Why wouldn’t he want to fly some more?


1. In a short paragraph, describe how Daedalus planned to escape from the island prison of Crete.
2. Do you think Daedalus’s plan is a good one? Explain your answer.
3. Which events in the myth could have happened in real life?
4. If you had access to building resources and materials, how would you design a flying machine to help you escape from the island prison of Crete?


Tell whether the statement is a fact or not. Draw WINGS before each number if the statement is a fact and SUN if otherwise.
_______ Daedalus was an inventor.
_______ King Minos wanted to kill the Minotaur.
_______ It would be easy to find your way out of the Labyrinth.
_______ Icarus design his own wings.
_______ The wings were made of chicken feathers.



1.)King Minos Hirex daedalus
2.)He design a maze or a labyrinth
3.)Daedalus think a good idea and he make a wings made of wax daedalus and icarus fly and now they escape the labyrinth
4.)Dont closer to the sun because they wings is made of wax it will be melt
5.)Icarus diobeying to his father warn his wings is melt now he fall down in the sea and he drown a water icarus die
1.) king minos imprison daedalus to his own labyrinth because daedalus know the all secret of king minos
2.)King minos think that imprison daedalus to his own again labyrinth but king minos change the position of labyrinth cause he control the earth/land now the format of labyrinth is change so that daedalus and icarus will trap the labyrinth
3.)they feel it's better to take a risk than to spend a rest of theirs live in the labyrinth
4.)Daedalus leave his wings on the altar of apollo and wouldn't fly because there's no point to flying anymore since his son icarus died.
1.) Because king minos controlled the land and the sea routes around crete,there was no routes to escape.However Daedalus realized that the only way to escape in the crete was by air but only Gods could fly so he think a good idea and he make a wings made of wax now he and his son icarus escape to the Crete
2.)For me it's yes because.It is creative and affective (according to the story
3.)*A parent love because Daedalus Was have a care of his son icarus
*Disobeying to the rules icarus did not listen to his father now he is dead
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