Your classmate are going to a party this weekend.this is the first time that you are asked to attend by a friend but then you discern that your parents will not approve dont want to make your friends angry by not going,but you also dont want to get in troublewith your parents.
determine what descision you should make?????



For  me .. im not going with my friends :) 
 ipapaliwanag ko n lng sa kanila kung bakit hndi pwede :) 
Well for me,,first it depends on my parents decisions, if they will approve me to joined with my friend but remember dont do such a bad thing cause you were in the party for the support you will bring to that friend,,,i will make manner or way that my parents will allow me to go,,,even if i know that parent know's best for us,,,,that is the first time that my friend asked me to joined so i think my parent will allow or approve it,,,but dont do such a bad thing,,,because you have the trust of your parents decisions

hope it helps ^_^ gud evening :)
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If my parents don't approve then, I won't go. I'll just explain it to my friends....simple as that.