·         Hardworking:  One of the important characteristics of a good entrepreneur is hardworking.  This means working diligently and being consistent about it. Hardworking people keep improving their performance to produce good products and/or provide good services.


·         Confident:  Entrepreneurs have self-reliance in one’s ability and judgment.  They exhibit self-confidence to cope with the risks of operating their own business.


·         Disciplined: Successful entrepreneurs always stick to the plan and fight the temptation to do what is unimportant.


·         Committed: Good entrepreneurs assume full responsibility over their business. They give full commitment and solid dedication to make the business successful.


·         Ability to accept change: Nothing is permanent but change.  Change occurs frequently.  When you own a business, you should cope with and thrive on changes.  Capitalize on positive changes to make your business grow.


·         Creative: An entrepreneur should be creative and innovative to stay in the business and in order to have an edge over the other competitors.


·         Has the initiative:  An entrepreneur takes the initiative.  You must put yourself in a position where you are responsible for the failure or success of your business.


·         Profit-oriented:  An entrepreneur enters the world of business to generate profit or additional income.  The business shall become your bread and butter. Therefore, you must see to it that the business can generate income.