S= { P, H, I, L, N, E, S}
What does "S means"? And why are the other letters are not on it
S means that it is the name of the set. You can change it anyway. Other letters are not there because it will be redundant/ repetitive. You should just put it as one. Example are there are three P, three I, you just write it once.
You don't repeat the same element in roster method, therefore the answer of Manel in roster method is correct :-). The letter "S" at the beginning is the name of the set since the you did not identify any letter that will name the set
Thank you so much
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Let A be the name of the set:

Roster method:

A = {P, H, I, L, N, E, S}

Set builder:

A = {x / x is a letter in the word Philippines}