` 1.) The word they is a personal pronoun for the third person,plural, subjective case.The pronoun they is also an indefinite pronoun when used for people in general,and for example :

'They say...' 
Pronoun : ↓
 Example : People tend to raise their voices when they got excited.

2.) Go is a verb (an intransitive verb).

3.) To is a preposition, meaning "in the direction of" as in Turn to the left, or 
Come to your senses. It is also an infinitive marker, as in To know you is to love you. Sometimes to in this sense can stand alone,with its verb understood,
as in You can do it if you want to.

4.) "The" is an article (sometimes called a determiner). It is pronounced "thuh," 
except when it comes before a word that begins with a vowel, when it is pronounced "thee", as in the egg, the apple. Thuh egg, and thuh apple are incorrect. More specifically, "the" in English is the definite article. It indicates that the noun is particular or otherwise unique.

5.) The word mall is a noun. The plural is malls.

6.) The word "today" functions as an adverb and a noun. 

Examples : ↓
Adverb :
The auditor is expected today
Noun : Today is the day of the audit. No.

Hope that it may help you.

-Ryan Joseph-