Parts of computer and thier functions

1.Monitor-a monitor displays information in visual form using text and graphics .The portion of the monitor that displays the information is called the screen like at television screen,a computer screen can show still or moving pictures.

2.Keyboard-a keyboard is used mainly for typing text info your computer.Like the keyboard on a type writer,it has key for letters and numbers that has special keys,the function key found on the top row,perform different function depending on where they are used.

3.Central processing unit(cpu)-the central processing unit (cpu),or microprocessor which acts as the "brain" of your computer.Another component is random acces memory(ram),which temporarily stores information that the(cpu) while uses the computer

ps.thats the only parts that i know^ _ ^
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Mouse- An input and pointing device that can be moved and manipulated by the user to move a pointer across the monitor, point to an object, file, or icon on the screen, or execute the object. Like the keyboard, the mouse is also a primary input device used to tell the computer what to do.

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