This the attributes of the chef
1. Creativity: A great chef must be creative and always willing to try something new. Creativity inspires food's presentation, which is very important to the overall dining experience.
2. Passion: A great chef has a tremendous passion for food and cooking. They enjoy the process of selecting foods, preparing meals, and creating menus.
3. Business Sense: A great chef has a a keen business sense and runs a kitchen that produces quality foods but is also cost- effective and efficient.
4. Attention to Detail: A great chef pays close attention to detail. Cooking is a science and every ingredient and measurement has a specific role that a chef must be continually aware of.
5. Team Player: A great chef understands that he or she is a part of larger food preparation team and that everyone must work harmoniously to ensure the timely production of quality foods. Chefs must also work well with wait staff and management.
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