One time there were a father and son who was locked in a high tower by King Menos, then while they were looking at the sky Daedalus saw birds who were flying around then he  thought of an idea of making a bigger pair of wings to fly and escape, and so days later while Daedalus and Icarus were collecting birds feather the father/ Daedalus made a big feather then after he made it  he gave regulations or instructions first before they fly and Icarus agreed, as soon as they were already flying Icarus felt happy which made him forgot his fathers instructions , so as he was flying so high he was going close to the sun then the glue they used to stick starts to melts then Icarus started to fall in the ocean and so Daedalus cant find his son anymore so Daedalus came to his village by himself worrying.THE END...

(im not sure if that was right because im not sure if that was the details written on the book)