People wouldn't be dependent on machines and especially, they wouldn't be lazy. Because technology and gadgets these days has a disadvantage which is that it makes people lazy. Like when we want to tell people who is far from you  something, we can give people a message but if there's no technology, people will go to the post office. Another example: People that go to other places that is far away. When there is no technology, people would use bicycles and what's good about bicycles is that this can also be a source of exercise and you wouldn't be lazy because if you use a bicycle, you need to pedal.But with the technology these days, people tend to be lazy because there are cars which can be controlled with only your hands.
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Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and so as Technology itself. Though technology makes people lazy-dovey, let us also consider the bright side. Technology is a great help in terms of communication. For example, if we are still sending letters from one another, your "Kumain ka na ba?" won't be necessary of course.(hihihi)  Your minutes will turn out to be weeks in receiving messages. And that's no good if you're a very busy person. And in fact, during emergencies, you can't send letters to 911 right? ^_^

And just there's much more you could think about!