The minimum monthly water bill in a town is ₱50.00 and 10m³ is allowed for the charge. There is an extra charge of ₱20.00 per m³ used beyond the minm. Express the amount of the bill in pesos as a function of the number of m³ use beyond the minm.

You posted the same question yesterday here but failed to state that the minimum charge of Php50.00 covers 10 cubic meters. (Note: Also, next time please be respectful to other users, and don't call them names, ok? - Brainly Moderator). Have a blessed Sunday.
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Total water monthly bill: y or f(x)
Water consumption in m³: x
Consumption to be charged Php20.00 beyond/above minimum: x-10
Cost per m³ beyond/above minimum consumption: P20.00
Minimum charge that covers the minimum 10 m³: P50.00


f(x)= Php50.00 + Php20.00 (x-10)

Based on monthly water meter reading, your household water consumption for the month April 26 - May 25 is 56 cubic meters (m³ or cbm).

To solve for the amount to be paid:

f(x) = Php 50.00 + Php 20.00 (x - 10)

f(x) = Php 50.00 + Php 20.00 (56-10)
f(x) = Php 50.00 + Php 20.00 (46)
f(x) = Php 50.00 + Php920.00
f(x) = Php 970.00