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Yes, Catholic is a real religion. According to catholic tradition, Jesus Christ is the founder of catholic church. So I think "made" is not the right term. For me, Spanish only introduce it but they are not the one who made it. According to a blog I've read. "Calling catholics idolaters because they have image of christ and saints is based on misunderstanding. God forbade the worship of statues, but he did not forbid the religious use of statues."
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Yes. But Catholics uses a statues of Jesus Christ , we do not know if the statue is really Jesus Christ! We don't know if it is the real image of Jesus! No one knows what is the face of Jesus Christ!
Hi! I'm sorry for the late reply :> You see, we Catholics believe that the one who "drew" (not sure if it is the right term) was used as an instrument of God. We haven't see God but Faith is all we need. We don't worship statue but we worship God. In the end, all Christians will always be called Christians as long as we believe in Jesus Christ and obey him with all our heart :>
Thank you for that answer. Now I know! :)