What is the meaning of:
1.. a lazy man is like foul-smelling meat
2.every drop of perspiration of an industrious man be rewarded accordingly
3. it takes only a moment to squander what took a year to save
4. a good thing is never too late
5. the quite person is slow to anger but terrible when aroused
6. a good woman is worth more than rubies
7. the love of an old man is like a snail that crawls
8. I was formerly a gentleman without a care at all, but when I got married, my body shrank and became small
9. after shopping for a long time, he ended up with a poor purchase
10. the sleeping boatman does not know the streams he has passed
11. it is better to go home and weave a net than to study on the shore and watch the fish
12. don't be too slow if theres only a too little rice, don't be too shy if theres only a little viand



` Number 10 : 

 ` I think it means is :

If you're not paying attention you'll miss different options.
Because he is sleeping so that he will not see the other steams or options.
Therefore, he doesn't know they even exist.