We've all been hard headed in our lives. I don't think selfishness along with low self worth is being hard headed though, just stupid or that selfish and having low self worth. People are naturally going to do what they want hopefully it's worth it. But if your decisions would effect the people around you, and you in the long run negatively, you brought it on yourself. And it's a shame if you are an experienced adult that you would allow yourself to subject to calamity. 

Opinion or debate to whatever topics I feel are a lot easy for people to admit if they were wrong about. Their actions have nothing to do with the discussions. People tend to be more in denial when it comes to their actions, especially if it makes them hypocritical. Which every one has been at some point of time, but some are more than others.

I've been hypocritical like anyone else but I'm not one who is constantly. :)