If you mean script for like a roleplay then here

narrator: once there was a poor couple who lived in the province. they did everything they could to get some money until one day.

man: i will use the money we saved to buy land and plant some cotton so we can sell it.

woman: thats a great idea!

Narrator: and so the man bought a sack of seeds for thirty pesos and sold them for thirty pesos. Many years have passed and the woman was very exicted to see the money they have gained. so one day

woman: love, let me see the money you have gained..

man: what do you mean?

woman: the money you earned by selling cotton..

man: there is none

woman: how much is the sack of cotton?

man: 30 pesos

woman: how much do you sell them for?

man: 30 pesos

woman: oh dear, youve been doing this wrong! let me show you

narrator: and the woman bought the sack of cotton for 30 pesos and weaved cloth out of it and sold it for 40 pesos years later and the woman had a total of 3000 pesos

man: how did you-?

woman: well, you see, i saved the thirty pesos to buy the cotton and i sold it for forty pesos. so i always have ten pesos for every sale.

narrator: and the man hung his head in shame, for he had been doing it wrong all along

the lesson/moral is if you save, you have something to withdraw

if its not this then...... i dont really know sorry