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Find the sum:
Add those which have the similar terms as how you add 'integers'.
For same signs - simply add them; for unlike signs - subtract them and follow the sign of which among them has the greater absolute value.

8x⁴  -5x³  +15x²  -7
              -3x⁴ +6x³   -8x²   -2
+            14x⁴ +x³    -x²    +3
=            19x⁴ + 2x³ + 6x² - 6

Find the difference:
Subtract those terms which are similar terms and subtract as how you subtract integers. Change the operation and change the sign/s of the subrtahend.

                       25m³     +6m²    -7m
+                      -9m³     -12m²   -4m
=                     16m³     -6m      -11m
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i m sorry, u are expresing an exponent..i thought its a term..
At renloyzuyson... meron po dun sa may bandang ibaba na kung ano. ah basta po, di ko po maexplain hehe, sorry. Pero para po mas maayos ang detalye, simply put '^' na ibig sabihin exponent na po yun. Like 25m^3 or 6m^2
okay po. maraing salamat sir. :)
huhu. kailan pa ba ako naging lalaki? xDD
sorry maam. JoecelE :)