Mental fitness

Mental Preparation is when a performer thinks about and visualises a successful performance, before they carry it out. For example, in a basketball free throw I visualized the timing of the action I would be using and imagined the flight of the ball and the ball going into the basket.

Concentration is the ability to stay focused on and be fully aware of, what is going on around you. For example, in performing a drop shot in badminton, I had to judge the flight of the shuttle, the positioning of my body and the movement of my opponent.

Confidence is having a positive frame of mind, in which you feel that you can perform successfully. For example in football, I was confident I could control the ball with one touch, dribble past defender and strike the ball at goal on target.

Motivation is the internal feelings and/or external encouragement by coach/spectators, which make you want to do well. For example, despite being very tired during a marathon, I wanted to succeed; I knew I had trained hard for the event, so I kept going.