Belittle - "make (someone or something) seem unimportant."

My first year as a high school student wasn't really that nice. I'm a side-seeker so nobody really knew that I existed. After 3 months, everyone get to know each other well but not me. I really am bad at socializing. My teacher divided the whole class to 5 for group projects. I was part of the first group. Our group leader told us to bring materials the next day. Guess what happened the day after that? No one from the group brought their materials except for me. So yeah, we proceeded to do our group project and then 5 of my classmates who keeps cutting classes entered the room and they need to form a new group because everyone's group was full. Not ours though. The teacher told us that one of us should leave the group and join the new group. And yes, I got kicked out. Pathetic. They just used my materials then bye bye. *screams internally* I'm just their doormat. They always take me for granted. 
Aww, Thankyou for sharing your experience